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Dating and the orthodox church

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It was over Easter and we decided to attend a ceremony on Easter Sunday. It was never my intention to offend anybody but I guess I did.Before we entered the church in Moscow, we had to go through a security check. I can best describe this as an open area where you will not find any chairs. Designated areas inside the Church allow to light a candle and say a prayer. Nobody said anything but it was clear I was intruding with my camera in a sacred place.

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Secularised Jews who no longer observe the faith nonetheless may recognise the tremendous human significance of traditional Jewish religious values (2). 2 Corinthians vi, 9 'ALL Protestants are Crypto-Papists,' wrote the Russian theologian Alexis Khomiakov to an English friend in the year 1846. But behind members of the Orthodox Church — Greeks, Russians, and the rest — there lies a very different background. All alike (although they may not always care to admit it) have been profoundly influenced by the same events: by the Papal centralization and the Scholasticism of the Middle Ages, by the Renaissance, by the Reformation and Counter-Reformation.Before expounding our chosen theme we should to define our terms.The reader will anticipate that we are going to discuss the relationship between Russian Orthodoxy – the predominant and historically most influential faith in Russia – and representatives of the Jewish religion (1).Orthodox Christianity is one of three distinct branches of the Christian religion (the other two being the Catholic and Protestant branches).