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"My friend told me to add it jokingly," BYU student Alexis Mease said.

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It's a big world and the Our community wants to help you connect with singles in your area.

BYU students are more likely to see marriage as coming in the next five to ten years than the national poll, and they are also more likely to see marriage as a happier state than being single or cohabiting.

According to a fun new video posted by a group of young single adults in Provo, Utah, “If you turned the Elders INSIDE OUT, you’d find that the Relief Society makes their emotions go crazy.” Uploaded to Scott Assante’s You Tube account, the parody of Disney’s hit movie is starting to gain traction on social media.

Interestingly, the non-LDS sample felt a little more confident that at the right time the right person would appear for marriage; nearly the entire national sample was confident in being able to find a suitable mate (99%), but this number was 92% for BYU women and 88% for BYU men, which may suggest higher standards for the BYU group.

About 2/3 of national women and BYU men hoped to find a spouse at college, but the authors were surprised that this figure was only 57% for BYU women, many of whom clearly wanted to graduate before marriage.