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"At first I was stunned speechless by the beauty of this asteroidal landscape," said Mark Robinson, a member of the NEAR imaging team from Northwestern University."Once I got over that, the geology took over." The first images from NEAR showed that Eros has an ancient surface covered with craters, grooves, layers, house-sized boulders and other complex features.In some accounts, Eros is equipped with two distinct kinds of arrows.The ones dipped in gold causes the victim to fall madly in love and the ones dipped in lead cause a vial repulsion."These layers appear to be very flat and appear to run end-to-end.

No attempt is being made to assign Eros with an astrological sign.Eros has an affinity with the water signs and this has greater significance when viewed in the astrological chart.It is possible that the natal Eros increases in ease of expression when found in one of the water signs, or in aspect to the Moon, Pluto or Neptune.By studying the placements of Eros by sign, we can better integrate the diverse needs and drives of our body.Eros Dating - Arrangement Dating Without The Drama Member Login input Continue Forgot your password?Sign Up for Eros Dating Eros Dating Already a member?