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Toshali Dynasty In 273-269 BC there was a war of succession in the Mauryan empire.

Kalinga probably took this opportunity to reassert its independence, apparently recreating a powerful Kshatriya (Vedic warrior caste) state with a capital at Toshali.

After a brief debate, the lower house, Lok Sabha, passed the bill and amendment on 9 November 2010.

Later, the kings of the Somavamsi dynasty began to unite the region. 1025 CE, they had integrated the region into a single kingdom.

This rather elitist naming was presumably in reaction to the apparently barbarous people they encountered, with them displacing (or sometimes integrating with) the native Elamo-Dravidian peoples.), known as Kalinga in ancient times, started before 350 BC according to early sources.The people of this region of eastern India along the coast of the Bay of Bengal sailed up and down the Indian coast, and travelled to Indo China and throughout Maritime Southeast Asia, introducing elements of their culture to the people with whom they traded.Puri tourism has always been popular among traveler enthusiast due to the existence of many amazing Tourist Places in Puri including the Jagannath Temple Puri, Odisha(Orissa).With a rich historic heritage dating back to 3rd century BC, this temple town welcomes both the pilgrims and fun seekers with open arms, offering its splendid beaches to the latter.The royal line of Kalinga is said to have originated from King Vali, who may have been the king of Magadha, along with the originally non-Vedic lines of Anga, Pundra, Suhma, and Vanga.