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In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII had reformed the calendar, then in use, known as the Julian Calendar (named after Julius Caesar).

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This can only be cured by going back to the roots which aren’t anatomical, technical, or visual but primordial, archaic, and spiritual.

Sex as “just sex” quickly becomes empty and shallow if the connection to Eros gets cut.

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Google is famous for its Easter Eggs, and those hidden in Hangouts do not disappoint.With this feature, you're able to draw onto images and also videos as they are taken. To write on the screen with your fingers the i Phone should be unlocked and then rotated to a landscape position – the device will then automatically enter writing mode.You've probably seen this moment a million times: Upon getting fired from his job at the comic book store, Rocko takes up an assortment of jobs, including being a phone sex operator.You will be invited to a Premiere dinner hosted by Tara Fox and Liam Murray, where you will also be presented by an original artwork!, the Iranian-American artist Tala Madani was sitting in her studio in Los Angeles, tweaking a video in progress.The first time I saw her work, seven years ago, in London, I was struck by a painting of a gaggle of men kneeling on all fours. And yet, somehow, this grotesque group portrait had a sweetness to it as well.