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- Initiates actions to support flight management policy & procedures; monitors, collects, updates & audits ARMS - Maintains 1,428 Flight Record Folders for Remotely Piloted Aircraft pilots/sensor operators aviation service w/AFIs - Spearheaded AFI improvements; converted 16 task ID's in 4 GA units/ decrs'd workload by 93%--saved 80 man hrs - Fit-to-fight unit fitness monitor; qualified in infant and adult CPR--assisted in conducting annual fitness tests to AMN - Provid'd monthly AFTO 781 oversight; audit'd msn flt data--100% accuracy/flawless execution of M FHP - Maintained M FHP; error free reporting of 4K flt hrs to AFSCO/A3TR--key to enhancing 12 AC130W utilization - Attended 10 day advanced SARM crs; received AFSC/pgm changes/updates; prepared to expand office responsibility - Supervised 2 deployed 1C, tackled 2 inspections, endured 89 rocket attack & 1 car bomb--coined by 61AS/CC - Mng'd 422 ESB Army COMSEC account; safeguarded 100% equip contingency ops--coined by AFCENT/CCC - Submitted TRP reports; 91% flying rqmts complete w/in 5 mos for assigned prsnl--10 crews deployment ready - Exported 200 aircrew sq ITS; projected NMR, qual status & grounding items--assisted schedulers w/planning - Launched aircrews Go/No-Go; generated 1272 FA/reviewed safety of flight--met contingency mission tasking - Tracked crit msn data; 25K pax/5K tns alft'd & 30 tns airdropped--maintained integrity of 3 ARMS databases - Directly supported OEF aircrew; re-created 300 781s in-transit from OKAF--100% ARMS database justified - Conducted ARMS self-inspection, compliant w/96% Aviation Mgmt critical CI--"Satisfactory" rating on SAV - Maintained ARMS daily/monthly board; ID'd 104 inspectable items--on schedule for completion by suspense - Executed 30 Stan/Eval Oracle Browser Squadron Letter of X's; tracked 102 qualifications for 6 crew positions - SARM expert; devoted time to ARMS transition to GTIMS--new pgm projected to decrease workload by 40% - Oversaw sq EOY tng/ARM proration; ID'd 22 crew mbrs w/in 1 mo--prevented NMR status for 22 crew mbrs - Secured K COMSEC eqpmt; enforced 8 secure crypto regs & corrected violations--zero errors on Wg SAV - Assisted section thru SAV insp; corrected 60 errors & tested process to prevent probs--100% AFI compliant - Audited monthly ops/mx flight hr utilization reports; verified flight hrs for mx pgm--increased accuracy by 90% - Meticulously track 45K annual tng rqmts, led 5 monthly IFTS audits--SARM Sq Outstanding Team of 3rd Qtr - ALS Class CC; led peers during volunteer project; earned 8 CCAF credits--gained valuable ldrshp experience - Completed 25K/50K marathon; ignited SARMS tm physical fitness w/91.2% PT score--led tm zero PT failure - Little Rock 1C AAG/monthly development seminar attendee; maintained gp core task proficiency/updated TBA - Instructed 6 personnel on critical ARMS training; completed 100% of 7-level core tasks--awarded 7-skill lvl - Improved Go/No-Go process; integrated 1-pg flying/gnd event AMC FA remarks code--FA generated on-time - Facilitated 3-skill level upgrade test; trainee 6 mos ahead of schedule--increased SARM office's productivity - Spt'd 1C during Ops INCA GOLD; filed 47 Go/No-Go G2 FA orders; msn accomplished w/zero interruptions - Synergistically contributed 120 hours auditing Individual Flying Time Summary--corrected 152 discrepancies - Maintained office's tracker board for 48 tasks; aided SARMS tm in executing msn; ensured seamless turn-over - Deployed SVRO; created SAV insp checklists/turn-over continuity for 1C MSgt--ensured eqpmt accountability - Volunteered 4 hrs w/sq booth during 2012 Little Rock AFB Air Show for 250K spectators--raised K for sq - Generous contributor; donated 0 to Lupus Foundation of America & Toys for Tots--aided important causes - Stellar NCOIC 772EAS ARMS; voluntarily completed 365-days deployment--provided 4 sqs w/manning relief - Volunteer; audited Little Rock AMC C130E/H/J models Training Profile Master List--met ARMS crit CI rqmts - Showcased Little Rock Go/No-Go Program during AFCENT Stan/Eval SAV--772 EAS Outstanding Performer - Assum'd Flt/CC duties at CC call; brief'd 189 prsnl on OSO flt capability/exec--amplifi'd awarness of unit msn - Aid'd Airspace mngr w/deactivation of 2 visual route surveys; coord'd w/FAA--recertified Do D mil trng tracks - Set up airspace for MEU cbt element; coord'd w/6 orgs/WA access for 15 AV-8 acft--100 plts cert'd crisis rdy - Implemented ACC msn symbol change; coord'd update w/mx & ops--304 CENTCOM msns accurately tracked - Administered corrective actions to 3 amn; generated LOR/remedial trng--restored prof behavior & mil bearing - Oversaw Supervisor of Flying program; establish'd shifts for OG/CC ldrs--focal point for C2 flt ops solidified - Completed Intro to Psych; earned 3 credits towards Aviation Management CCAF degree--maintained 3.0 GPA - Enrolled in Intro to Cross Cultural Communication course--broadened joint deployment readiness capabilities - Provided support for 12 Razor Talon exer; 5 MDS/30 acft/120K lbs of fuel distributed--B in assests war rdy - Supported OSS qtrly award board; reviewed & updated Amn/NCO/SNCO packages--garnered two OG awards - Handpick'd #1/22 to attend PEX wrkg group; provid'd issues to database eng--brief'd 20 OG on new initiatives - Superior leader/professional w/infinite potential; sets high standard for peers & all to emulate--Promote now!

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